We would love to welcome you as a Temple Beth Shalom member.

Please contact us to discuss membership. For more information email us at


When you have a life-cycle event, whether joyous or sad, please consider donating in honor or in memory of the event.

We greatly appreciate any and all donations given to our Temple. Your generous contributions ensure that we are able to continue to offer all of our 

wonderful activities and services provided here at Temple Beth Shalom. 


CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: (updated May, 2018)

Dear Friends,

Temple Beth Shalom has always appreciated your generosity. We are introducing an exciting new fundraising campaign for 2018 called “Partner with the President”. There are many improvement the Temple needs to make, such as upgrading the ballroom and other areas. This fundraising campaign has been established to address these urgent concerns. At this time, we are turning to our members and the community for your support in achieving this goal. Temple Beth Shalom’s work is esteemed through our community.

  • TBS provides an enriched family environment for worship
  • Rabbi led Torah study classes
  • Provides spiritual support
  • Adult education programs
  • Social programs and events

With your help, we can achieve our goal of $54,000. Below is a listing of “Levels of Giving”. Please select the one that suits you.

KIDDUSH CUP ~ $18.00-$49.00

NER TAMID ~ $50.00-$99.00

SHOFAR ~ $100.00-$499.00

TALLIT ~ 500.00-$999.00

TORAH TEMIMAH ~ 1000.00 and up

On behalf of Temple Beth Shalom, we look forward to your affirmative response. Together we can reach our goal to ensure the future of our Temple.



Howard Rosenhouse




Prayer books may be donated for life-cycle events at the cost of $25.00 per book. Please contact the Temple with the relevant information for each book.



Yizkor means “remembrance” in Hebrew and is recited 4 times a year during Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Passover, and Shavuot. Donations are given to memorialize departed family and friends.



The Yahrzeit, or anniversary of a loved one’s passing, is the time to remember the person by reciting the Kaddish prayer and through the giving of charity.



A Misheberach is a prayer or a blessing for an individual recited in the synagogue when the Torah is read, most often for a person who is ill and requiring healing.

It is customary to make a donation for this blessing. Please contact the Temple with the relevant information.



Please contact the Temple with the relevant information.


**Please call, stop in at the temple office, or send a check directly to our office if you would like to make a donation to our wonderful TBS community.**


Welcome to Temple Beth Shalom!

Affiliated with the Conservative Movement, Temple Beth Shalom is a warm, welcoming and egalitarian congregation. We are a congregation committed to Jewish Learning, Prayer, Spiritual Growth, Personal Kindness and Community. Wherever you are in your Jewish Journey we are certain that Temple Beth Shalom will touch your heart, mind and soul.

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